TM is Stress Relief

Transcendental Meditation
A Stress Relief Technique for Everyone

Stress Management made easy

“From the very start when I learned the TM technique, it has reduced my daily anxieties and I feel in control most of the time.

With peace of mind, I am more happy and enthusiastic about living and work. I am also more kind and compassionate and considerate to people and other creatures.”

- Allen Kiconco

National Institutes of Health Funds $24 Million in Research on Transcendental Meditation

More than 400 peer-reviewed research studies on the TM technique have been published in more than 160 scientific journals. These studies were conducted at more than 200 universities and research centers, including Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, Yale Medical School, UCLA Medical School, and Medical College of Georgia.
Benefits to the individual include… 

Reduced blood pressure in comparison with other procedures
Ethnicity and Disease

Reduced heart failure
Ethnicity and Disease

Reduced risk factors for hypertension, diabetes, and obesity
American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine

Increased lifespan
American Journal of Cardiology

Reduced use of hypertension medication
American Journal of Hypertension

Improved brain response to stress and pain

Reduced thickening of coronary arteries
American Heart Association’s Stroke

Level up your Organization

Together, community organizations, NGOs and AWAGO recognize that mental wellness is a core skill for any woman to be successful. We know that organizations that include Transcendental Meditation in their wellness initiatives bring out the best of each of their employees, their clients, and their partners.

Let’s bridge the gap between community development and the personal mental health of all stakeholders.

“I think of AWAGO as an extension of our team. As our partner, AWAGO aims to understand every aspect of our services to women. They share our excitement when something works and provide wellness support to our community and staff. During the pandemic, AWAGO and Judith reacted quickly and fundraised for critically needed supplies including food, sanitizers and masks as well as being available to provide mental health support.”

– Brenda Nakalembe, UWOPED

Empowered Organizations are Resiliant to Stress