Ideal Girls High School

The Ideal Girls School (IGHS) is a rare achievement by a unique school, created to fill the need for education for girls in Uganda. The Transcendental Meditation is a core feature of the school—all students learn the TM technique upon entering the school and enjoy twice daily practice at the beginning and end of the school day.

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AQWCLN aims to be an effective partner for the brokerage, advocacy, and implementation of innovative initiatives for the advancement and empowerment of women and girls, and the fulfillment of their social, economic, and cultural rights.

UWOPED serves single, illiterate mothers in the village of Nsambya in Kampala, Uganda, offering various training and educational programs, including the Transcendental Meditation technique, to help these women build practical skills and capabilities with the goal to transform these women “from hopelessness to a state of productive excellence”.

Peace High School

Honorable Erinah Rutangye and husband Martin Rutangye are the Directors of Peace High School in Kampala where the Transcendental Meditation technique has been offered since 2012 as the Quiet Time Programme. Hon. Rutangye describes the programme and the benefits for students that they have noticed:

EDAPO School

EDAPO (Economic Development and AIDS Prevention Organization), situated just north of the capital of Kampala, provides food, shelter, education, and basic medical care to hundreds of children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Over half of these children are also living with HIV/AIDS. The EDAPO school has implemented the Transcendental Meditation practice for its students. School leaders have found that the Transcendental Meditation technique has helped these children overcome depression and has brought back the spark of joy for them.

St. John’s College Mpigi

To Provide Quality And Skillful Education.

kibokoThe fastest-growing distributor of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consumer durables (CD) in Uganda.

A new and exciting venture in urban and rural community education focused on the present need for relevant trades, skills, and professional development in South Africa.

The Shanti Uganda Society improves infant and maternal health, provides safe women-centered care, and supports the well-being of birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

businessday-logoA communications company, promoting government development programs and those of its partners towards sustainable national growth, since 2008.


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