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Women’s success is at the heart of all of our initiatives.

Women that reach out to us learn how to manage stress and anxiety in our uncertain world. We are all facing new challenges juggling work and home life during a pandemic. Learning Transcendental Meditation® is life changing for the many women our programs serve.

Transcendental Meditation® is a natural, effortless technique practiced for twenty minutes, twice a day while sitting comfortably. Over 10 million people of all ages, cultures and religions have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique.

The TM Technique has shown…

Reduced flashbacks and bad memories
Military Medicine 176 (6): 626-630, 2011

Greater resistance to stress
Psychosomatic Medicine 35: 341–349, 1973

Twice as effective as other relaxation techniques for decreasing trait anxiety Journal of Clinical Psychology 45(6): 957–974, 1989

Twice the effectiveness of conventional approaches for reducing alcoholism and substance abuse
Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly 11: 13-87, 1994

42% decrease in insomnia
Journal of Counseling and Development 64: 212-215, 1985

Improved quality of life Military Medicine 176 (6): 626-630, 2011

Mothers of Uganda documents the profound impact of our stress management program in the lives of disadvantaged women in Kampala, Uganda.

Before TM I was getting angry so easily and fighting and acting any way that I felt in order to get relieved of anger; but now I’m more peaceful and have self-control and get along better with people. Being a single mom, I had a lot of stress because my child got sick a lot and I couldn’t take care of her or pay the house rent. Now that I have TM I am feeling better, less stressed. I have started working selling mangoes and I am taking better care of my daughter.


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