Finding Peace during Times of Stress

March 29, 2021

The pandemic has caused immense stress on healthcare systems around the world. And nurses – predominantly women – have felt the impact. AWAGO has targeted these underserved heroes with free training in the mental wellness technique, Transcendental Meditation, and their experiences are inspiring.

“The TM practice has helped me to improve on my relationships with fellow co-workers, and acquire more skills daily because my mind and body is always relaxed. It has also helped me give good advice to patients on how to overcome stress-related problems.

Professionally I am always sober on work without overstraining. It has helped me to establish good relationships between my patients and fellow worker-mates.

Professionally TM has helped me to improve on my performance, the outcome seen from various appreciations and gifts.”

– Neyigo Specioze

“I feel relaxed during the day and I no longer have problems with sleep at night.

Because when I feel like getting tired during the day, I meditate for about 20 minutes and resume my daily activities. I usually meditated two to three times a day, that is morning, afternoon and evening.

There is a good working relationship with my workmates. I do not get annoyed easily. I work for longer hours than I used to.”

-Babirye Hajjarah

“I can now control my emotions. I can control my anger. I can always find a way out whenevr I get stuck through meditating.

I have acquired some life skills. I can always control my anger towards clients. I’ve learned how to deal with peoples behaviors through meditation.”

– Majjuka Peace


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