On this day, let us celebrate the power of the girl child. Let us honor her resiliency, her ability to stay strong in the face of adversity, her ability to remain centered and grounded in herself, her ability to draw on her inner reservoir of creativity, power and love. Today we honor every girl we work with, and every girl we will soon meet, for her innate and deep connection to the source of life. We honor the depths of her own inner silence, the depths of her own inner Being that anchors and upholds her dignity, which allows her love to flow and be a light to all around her. This is the power of a girl, the power that makes her shine like a light in the darkness.

Since 2011, AWAGO’s programs for self-development and mental wellness have helped 100’s of girls. It is our mission to make sure every girl has the tools she needs for maximum growth and success in life. With her TM practice, she has an effective way to get rid of stress and anxiety and to grow in inner calmness, clear mindedness and resilience. This allows her to act with discernment, efficiency, and one-pointedness as she grows to be the best she can be.

So we say—let the girl rise!

Let her know the power of her love. Let her know that owning her femininity is not vulnerability but her greatest power, and that her power to love, to give, to rise in the face of adversity and carry others with her is her strength. She is a survivor. She is a warrior for truth. She rocks!!!

Our wish on this International Day of the Girl Child is for every girl to know and own her essential nature, and to know that she is the embodiment of the creative impulse of life which endows her with the capacity to give and give and give. This is her power. This is her grace. This is her destiny.

**AWAGO is proud to share that we have taught TM to over 1200 women and girls so far this year. Fortunately, Uganda has had a small number of cases of Covid-19, and we worked closely with Public Health officials to ensure everyone’s safety during meetings. We also played a role in providing food relief for these women and girls during the lockdown.

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