AWAGO — Supporting Girls’ Education

September 30, 2020

AWAGO proudly sponsors 82 girls for their education at Ideal Girls High School in Mbale, where they are boarding students. During the Covid-19 lockdown we have provided these girls who live in Kampala, with food, masks, soaps and other essential items.

We have also structured a unique continued learning opportunity for them. Working with the Ministry of Education to fulfill the appropriate education guidelines, we have set up learning opportunities in three locations in Kampala. Teachers are guiding the lessons, and all essential learning materials for each grade and subject have been provided for these girls in grades S1-S6. Girls also have radios so they can take part in the Uganda radio learning programs. They are enjoying being able to continue with their studies until schools reopen.



Celebrating the New Year in Uganda with our TM Clubs

Celebrating the New Year in Uganda with our TM Clubs

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