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African Women & Girls Organization for Total Knowledge – Uganda Ltd. (AWAGO) brings stress management and community development TOGETHER to empower the whole woman

Women are Community Leaders

AWAGO brings stress management and community development TOGETHER to empower the whole woman

Women Are Caregivers

AWAGO brings stress management and community development TOGETHER to empower the whole woman

Women Take Initiative

AWAGO brings stress management and community development TOGETHER to empower the whole woman


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We’re making Uganda a better place for women and girls. 

Together, community organizations, NGOs, and African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge Ltd. (AWAGO) recognize that mental wellness is a core skill for any woman to be successful. We know that organizations that include Transcendental Meditation™ in their wellness initiatives bring out the best in each of their employees, clients, and partners. Let’s bridge the gap between community development and the personal mental health of all stakeholders.

AWAGO Impact Report


Serving our Community During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 lockdown AWAGO has provided girls at Ideal Girls High School in Mbale with food, masks, soap and other essential items. We have also structured a unique continued learning opportunity for them while schools are closed

Two other AWAGO partners are EDAPO, who provide food, shelter, education, and basic medical care to hundreds of children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic; and UWOPED,  who offer training and educational programs,  serving single, illiterate mothers and their children in Kampala.

Our Programs

Heal the Healers

First Responders
Healthcare Workers
Fire and Police

We work with NGOs and local government to bring Transcendental Meditation to those on the front lines of COVID-19. Stress impacts performance…

Transforming Lives

Women’s success is at the heart of all of our initiatives.

Women that reach out to us learn how to manage stress and anxiety in our uncertain world.

We are all facing new challenges juggling work and home life during a pandemic.

Learning Transcendental Meditation® is life changing for the many women our programs serve.

Education Reimagined

Stress and trauma experienced in adolescence contribute to risk factors associated with higher levels of violence including anger, impulsivity, low grades, suspensions and dropping out of school.

Schools that incorporate our Quiet Time program into their curriculum equip young Ugandan chidren with the resilience to attain further education, overcome gender inequities, start businesses and improve their communities.

The core element of the Quiet Time program is Transcendental Meditation® (TM), an evidence-based approach to reducing toxic stress and violence as well as improving academic performance. TM is an easy to practice, secular and extensively researched form of meditation. Quiet Time introduces two restful 15-minute periods into the day.

“Before TM my health was not good because I was so stressed and not working, and would quarrel and fight with my husband. Now I am feeling better, no longer stressed, and I feel peaceful and happy because I have a good job and I’m working.

“Before TM I had a problem of a high temper, and could end up beating my kids and quarreling with others around me. Now I am changed and no longer like that.”

“When I meditate I feel happier than before. I feel more energetic and improved in my thinking about my life. When I meditate my mind becomes settled and I feel confident in my work. I find that there is more clarity in my mind. I am able to solve any problem and I am able to socialize with other students due to greater happiness in my life.” – M.J., Senior Two

A Stress Relief Technique for Everyone

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